Restomod chassis

County Corvette is a leading builder of the finest classic Restomods available. We offer a broad selection of options limited only by your imagination! From brake and steering upgrades to complete re-engineering of your car, we can take your vision and make it into a reality in a timely manner with customer service unmatched in the industry. We can also locate donor cars to make your project come to reality if you do not have a donor car available.

Restoration Service

We source clean body cars that make the project much more efficient and ultimately less expensive overall. We built this Corvette RestoMod for a great customer in Texas. Click to view more pictures…. Design The design starts with an in depth conversation and review of ideas and concepts with the client.

A rendering can be made to give a clear interpretation of what the final product should look like. Some builds entail a new custom engineered hydro formed or tubular steel chassis or simply utilize an original frame with various improvements. Our builds are limited only by your imagination and budget.

Outline A complete plan is then created to outline the design, engineering, process and timeline in which the job will proceed. The Build Once we either receive from or obtain a donor car the work begins. The chassis is started and the body prepared. Once the chassis is complete the body is custom fit to it. The body is then removed for final body work and paint.

Once painted the body is final fit to the new chassis and the assembly process begins.

restomod chassis

Often times there are change orders as the job progresses. Any changes are made and the car is fully assembled. The interior is installed once all systems are properly operational The interior and final trim is installed and the car is ready for testing.

We spend a good deal of time making certain the car is safe and properly operational. If you can dream it, we can build it! About Us About. Our Team. Step Inside. Services Classic Car Services.

Mechanical Service. Restomod Corvettes.No question about it. Sure, after nearly 50 years, however, attrition has taken its toll and there are far fewer examples left than rolled off the St. Louis production line, but 3, were originally built.

restomod chassis

The horror, you say? Not when you understand that while the car was indeed born with the L71 engine, its originality was destroyed years ago when it was taken on a joy ride by an unauthorized driver. It had been owned by a prominent professional athlete and the incident occurred during his tenure with it. When the car was returned, the original engine and other important components were long gone. It changed hands a couple of times after that before Verrillo obtained it. On top of that, I was itching to do something more creative through our shop — not the typical authentic restorations my team is used to doing.

Fortunately, the trend in restomod Corvettes is cruising right along, with the support network of aftermarket components growing daily to help make such projects almost bolt-on affairs.

Take the chassis, for example.

Restomod & Custom Builds

Rather than adapt late-model suspension components to the original frame, Verrillo and his builders turned to Street Shop for one of its custom chassis. Better still, the frame features the same body mount locations as the C2 frame and also accepts the original fuel tank. When it came to filling out the frame, Verrillo used chrome coilovers and a polished rack-and-pinion steering rack while adding a custom stainless steel fuel tank.

The rear axle is a Viper-spec Dana 44 with a 3. That would be the same supercharged 6. A set of scratch-built stainless steel headers channel the exhaust to factory-style side exhausts, for a dramatic effect.

Supporting elements for the LSA include a polished-aluminum, four-core radiator blown on by a pair of chromed electric fans. Backing the force-inducted LSA is a Tremec TKO five-speed manual transmission, which provides the sort of modern-day, freeway-driving capability that, with all honesty, is lacking in early cars with non-overdrive transmissions and steep gear ratios.

A Hurst Sidewinder shifter is bolted to the manual gearbox and is used with a factory-style chrome shift knob and shaft to maintain the factory appearance. The rims measure 18x8. The big wheels make room for equally large brakes — factory C6 Z06 discs used with six-piston front calipers and four-piston rear calipers.

The rotors are drilled and the calipers are painted Marina Blue, matching the hood stinger. Verrillo even adapted a modern electric parking brake for this contemporized classic Vette. The seats are a perfect example. An LCD message center is the tip-off to the 21st century gauge panel and it offers the necessary readouts for the electronically controlled powertrain, including a check engine display. The rest of the interior is trimmed in bright blue leather, including the instrument panel, center console and the custom center armrest.

Even the billet aluminum steering wheel is trimmed in blue hide. Additional yields to modern comfort and convenience in the cabin include air conditioning, power windows, power steering and power brakes — features that round out the yesterday-meets-today driving experience of this sacrilegiously delectable roadster.

Beyond rare Corvette Sting Ray one of only two N03 This C2 Corvette was discovered in a garage just feet from the Jersey Shore where in Hurricane Sandy took its toll. This Corvette convertible was built by Schwartz Performance with the expectation of meshing with for the best of both. After plus years of accumulating parts for his Chevrolet Corvette, Paul Musschoot decided to work alongside Schwartz Performance to build a mean restomod C2 Corvette with some old-school charm.

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This listing is for a rolling chassis. As stated in the ad, the car is an illustration of what you might like to build Mid year Corvette rolling chassis! Check out the photos of one of our C2 projects. What does your dream car look like?

Call for details. We use Chevrolet small block and LS engine mounts. Transmission mounts will fit all transmissions Some modification to the body is required in the area of the differential carrier housing, as the C4 third member housing is larger than the original. All brackets are plasma cut. We do not "flame-cut" any parts. We have built dozens of street rods, muscle cars, and vintage autos.

Expert fiberglass repair and complete custom car work available. We also build C-1 frames for C-4 suspension upgrade, available as bare frame or full rolling chassis!

See our other Ebay listings. For more information google vetteframe or you can add the dot com and go straight to the page. Corvette resto-mod, restomod, corvette chassis, corvette frame. Complete rolling chassis include: Front and rear supspensions with new upper and lower ball joints New upper and lower control arm bushings Rear suspensions will have new joints New control arm bushings New spring bushings Rebuilt calipersThe world of resto-mods is the promise land of beautiful, vintage, bodyworks on top of modern, state of the art, powertrains with performance figures that embarrass modern sports cars.

The automotive industry has created some real design icons over the years, cars like the Mercedes SL, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, or the Porsche remain etched into the minds of many petrolheads. Such emblematic designs seem to never age but, sadly, the engineering-wise, they are all outdated. Of course, you get a kick out of driving them merely because you get a chance to do it in the first place, but some want even more than that.

Some choose to start from existing cars while others do something more radical - building their own chassis from the ground up and then wrapping everything up in a retro bodywork that clearly reminds you of their inspiration. Whichever road you choose, resto-mods are a brilliant — yet highly expensive — way to experience classic cars re-imagined in with technology that was barely on the drawing boards when some of these cars were new.

But clients came and asked for more after seeing every ounce of their experience pieced together in the form of the GTA-R. They wanted a GTA-R of their own! The GTA-Rtheir most recent evolution, is ludicrous. It barely weighs 1, pounds thanks to its carbon fiber doors, trunk, and hood. It also has a copper-sintered plate limited slip differential, lightweight driveshaft with rifle-drilled half-shafts, and an Autodelta-inspire 5-speed close ratio gearbox.

You have double adjustable aluminum gas shock absorbers all around, titanium top front wishbones, huge Superleggera 6-pot How much for all of this? Los Angeles-based Singer Vehicle Design is a company that restores and, if you want them to, rebuilds Porsche s from the ground up to be retro-looking spacecrafts.

The engineers there thought the basic shape of a is pretty appalling. The roof and rear window have been carved, for example, to help the rear ducktail — inspired by the Porsche 2. The block is made from magnesium, and it has four titanium valves per cylinder, twin overhead cams, and lightweight throttle bodies. The weight is, thus, kept rigorously in check, sitting somewhere around 2, pounds. Icon 4x4 is a company that rose to prominence by turning old Jeeps and Toyota Land Cruisers around with a twist: putting modern engines under the hood and coupling them with more adequate gearboxes and suspension kits.

The old-school rugged lines were still there, but they now sat on modern off-road wheels, the interior was re-thought, and everything looked as if Ford took them off the conveyor belt yesterday. Some customers who wanted an even more retro look to their modernized Broncos thought it looked too new. These Broncos are restored to look period-correct on the outside, minus the bigger wheels that are necessary due to the bigger brakes.Our recommendation for your vehicle. Just mimicking the OEM, the market has substituted style with sub-par performance and plain vanilla flavoring.

This has caused many of the great custom car builders to hide the aftermarket AC systems and parts, sacrificing performance, looks and wasted time. Our custom collections come from a mix of gritty industrial styling and sleek, flowing lines. Starting with hex head bolts, rivets, textures and finishes, our designs are worked into dramatic, lush lines that create an over the top, dramatic style.

We are not a re-seller. We engineer and manufacture every Restomod Air product right here in Texas and is then designed from the ground up. Starting with innovative ideas and sketches, our engineers then design and specify our new products using quality materials like T6 billet aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, brass, copper, and steel.

restomod chassis

We engineer and manufacture every Restomod Air product right here in Texas and is designed from the ground up. Compare them all below. Our collections come from a mix of gritty industrial styling and sleek, flowing lines. Starting with hex head bolts, rivets, textures, and finishes, our designs are worked into dramatic style. Starting with innovative ideas and sketches, our engineers then design and specify our new products using quality materials like — T6 billet aluminum, carbon fiber, brass, copper, and steel.

If you can dream it, we can build it! Order custom designs the compliment your individual build — from the metal finish to the color of your car. We manufacture several different sized units all with separate heating and cooling coils to give greater temperature ranges than competitors.

Size matters. All fully upgradeable with programmable options! If you need vents, you get vents. You get what you need, when you need it and customized how you want it. Read more. Shopping cart close. July 8, accontrollerappsupport.

It's Here! You are able to use your iOS or Android device to change your mode, temp, speed, check Ruthless Thoughts. June 19, ackitacsystem. June 8, brandambassadorcadillacCadillaccoupeDevillefullsizeackitmembraneinsulationsounddampeningthermalinsulation. Full-time car and pinup model Alyssa Kay is all about Restomod Air. In Alyssa built her first vehicle, a beautiful June 8, accontrollercontroller.

Just like any of our controllers you are able to control fan speed, temperature and what mode you Follow our newest edition restomodair. Finishing up some killer new parts that were close. With the new Restomod Air App, you can change the.Team Giveaway Tees. Custom DesignsShirts - Men's. Shirts - Men'sTeam Giveaway Tees. Car Care. Engine Oil. Fuel Injector Cleaner. You may already have one!

Your radiator cools the engine coolant. What does a torque converter do anyway? Watch this video on YouTube RestoMods Nation, many of you entered to win this insanely fast, incredibly badass.

Ford had already initiated the march to victory. For a limited time, you can earn 20 entries instead of.

Our mission is to be a community for likeminded RestoMod Enthusiasts, provide content and entertainment for our members while also giving them a once in a lifetime chance to win a RestoMod of their Dreams.

Skip to navigation Skip to content. Win this Corvette Sting Ray. Claim Your Entries Now. Buy a Shirt, Automatically Get Entered. Shop Restomods Gear. Become a Car Club Member. Car Care Products. Shop Car Care. Shop Automotive. How to: Transmission Coolers July 11, How to: Understand Torque Converters July 6, Congratulations to our Supercharged Chevelle Winner July 6, See all 40 photos.

You've read the car features and watched the YouTube videos, and the terms "restomod" and " pro touring " keep popping up. These are car building styles that have a lot in common, with many similar visual characteristics, but the terminology is normally not interchangeable. Asking your local hot rod shop to turn your family heirloom into a pro touring machine may result in a very different car than if you ask for a restomod—and the bill at the end of the day could look very different!

Here, we'll definitively show you the difference between a pro touring car and a restomod, give you a list of attributes to help you choose which one you like best, and finally, show you a bunch of our favorite examples of restomod hot rods to drool over! Pro touring, or restomod? While retaining the stock silhouette, it's all pro touring, with every performance-related component upgraded.

The word "restomod" is a combination of the words "restoration" and "modified. The recipe for a restomod is more restoration than modified, and those non-stock modifications are there strictly to help bring the vehicle up to or near the driving standards of a showroom-fresh performance car. Let's say your powered Chevelle originally stopped from 70 mph in feet with its original drum brakes, a pretty average or even good number for Let's also say your daily-driven Camaro will stop from the same speed in just feet.

In one scenario, you may be driving your Chevelle on the highway one sunny afternoon when the car in front makes a panic stop.

If your Chevelle is restored to original specs, you may well find yourself visiting a really expensive shop getting its front end repaired, or worse. This Chevelle is a perfect example of a home-built restomod.

The GM A-body is well supported in the aftermarket with brakes, wheels, tires, suspension, and powertrain upgrades. It's got a decidedly factory vintage vibe, but with modern capabilities. With a restomod, the goal is to retain as much of the original look and feel of your classic, while upgrading its performance, safety, and over-the-road performance economy, comfort, infotainment to new-car levels.

If you want to do some SCCA racing, the Optima Challengeor hit the Goodguys autocross circuit, a restomod isn't going to be enough to take home the trophy, but you'll still be able to have some fun without worrying about wrecking your pride and joy.

For the win, you'll need a pro touring car. Making your classic machine safer to drive with more modern brakes, tires, chassis components, and other safety gear like three-point seatbelts might seem like a no-brainer, so why are traditional restorations so popular?

For one thing, it's usually the least expensive way to go for most popular cars where reproduction parts are readily available Camaro, Mustang, Chevelle, Challenger, etc. Also, for many, owning a perfect example of an original ride that has no modern upgrades is like stepping into a time machine. That's a huge reason to restore rather than modify. The fan who is going more for nostalgia or collectability will choose the restoration over the restomod and may even choose what's called a " day-two" looka form of restoration that allows modifications that would've been available at the time of manufacture.

Day-two restos are popular for the same reason showroom-fresh restorations are popular: they tug at the heartstrings the way no restomod or pro touring machine could ever do! This Charger is being built at The Roadster Shop and features many high-end pro touring upgrades. In fact, almost nothing about this "Charger" is original to a Charger. Definitely not a restomod.

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